Sexta-feira, 14 Junho, 2024

Recursos do sistema:

  • sistema centralizado
  • o código do aplicativo e todas as configurações de penalidade / corrida são salvas no servidor (gerenciado apenas pelos administradores)
  • small compiled app for client (necessary to import all objets from the server)
  • crypted messages client-server and server-client
  • the code is loaded direct into the memory (no file writed); nobody can change the app code or edit the settings!
  • multi UDP relay
  • upgrade installation only on the server
  • easy install: copy/paste + edit ports/paths in ini files
  • multiserver ready (drivers need no change)

Penalty and race features:

  • cutting
  • cutting only in predefined sectors (#)
  • invalid next qualify lap after cutting the last corner (#)
  • speeding in pit lane
  • jump start
  • crossing pit lane exit line (#)
  • precise pit lane entry indicator (#)
  • illegal DRS use (thanks to @AdderSwim and his app “ACRL DRS”)
  • safety car
  • Assign penalty from race direction (from stracker as admin)
  • configurable drive through, stop&go disqualify or time penalty
  • rolling start
  • force internal view
  • blue flag in qualify out lap
  • sol check
  • auto kick for driver wihtout the app, sol (if required) and disqualified (penalty not taken)
  • additional track checksum (model and kn5 files)
  • weather checksum
  • additional track checksum
  • helicorsa integrated – impossible to disable!
  • manually live penalty
  • additional car checksum (collider included)

(#) only with an additional file of the track.

Future implementations

  • virtual safety car (#)
  • drivers swap
  • app for race direction (to assign or remove penalty manually)
  • app for live streaming (or integration in ACTV/Bcast)
  • ESC check
  • teleport to pit check
  • transfer penalties from qualify to race
  • ping test

(#) only with an additional file of the track